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MEPI LAU-TL Student Elections, Academic Year 2014-2015

Good Morning TLers,

Happily, I announce to you that Mr. Emad Al Shara and Miss Lana Jamokha have been elected as TL Student Representatives. Yesterday’s electoral process was endorsed with the participation of 36 TLers (vs. 37 TLers for the academic year 2013-2014). The results are as follows: 29 votes for Mr. Al Shara , 27 votes for Miss Jamokha, 4 blanks and 1 void. I take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank the outgoing Student Representatives, Miss Shuhd Al Sharki and Mr. Mohamed El Gohary, for the time, dedication and goodwill they have invested in the welfare of the program. Finally, please join me in congratulating Lana and Imad on assuming this new leadership role.

Democratically yours, Victor Khachan

Dr. Khachan with Mohamed, Lana, Emad and Shuhd