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LAU Welcomes Newest Students and Launches Academic Year 2019-2020

For the twelfth year in a row, the Lebanese American University (LAU) welcomed new scholars at LAU U.S Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI)  Tomorrow’s Leaders (TL) Program from seven different countries who gathered in LAU Byblos campus kicking-off the 2019-2020 academic year.

36 new scholars coming from Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen and Lebanon mixed and mingled with each other, talking eagerly and openly about what drew them to LAU from the quality of education and excellence of the university and the golden opportunity that MEPI has granted them.

During the orientation, new students got introduced to the LAU MEPI TL team, LAU’s rules and procedures, got an intensive advisory session having complete comprehension of each major and completed their registration. They also roamed around Byblos campus and discovered the wide- array of facilities that the university offers them, they also got introduced to the state-of-the-art five-level library providing a diverse set of services to support teaching, learning, and research.

Following the orientation, scholars attended a two-day retreat where they socialized with current MEPI scholars and attended a complete series of Leadership workshops all delivered in an engaging and active approach, accommodating different learning styles.

During the retreat, new TLers got to know more about their talents and interests and they joined six different committees with the purpose of starting growing the leadership seeds in them.

The new academic year marked its debut through an official welcome ceremony, a joint LAU-AUB event for MEPI TL that took place at AUB with the presence of Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S Embassy in Beirut Mr. Win Dayton, US Embassy representative and MEPI Coordinator Mrs. Elaine Jones, Dr. Fadlo Khuri, President of AUB, Dr. Elise Salem, Vice President, Student Development & Enrollment Management at LAU, Mrs. Dina Abdulrahman LAU MEPI TL Program Director and Dr. Hani Hassan MEPI AUB TL Program Director.

The ceremony was wrapped up with cocktail reception where MEPI TL students and staff from LAU and AUB mingled in a joyous celebratory atmosphere.