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Jeita Campaign: Vote for Jeita Grotto!

Leaving the General Security office this morning, I realized for the very first time that I am actually residing in this country. I am officially a Lebanese resident. I have been living here for seven weeks, during which I have explored its beaches, its souks, its craziness, its diversity and its paradoxes. And I have to say that I absolutely love this place.

It’s not only me who was taken by the fascination of this country, but also my fellow MEPI friends who themselves have been residing either for few months, years and some for their whole life in Lebanon.

In fact, on the very occasion we had to manifest our appreciation for Lebanon, by promoting the wonder of the Jeita Grotto, we all said we’re in.

From sending Go “Jeita” messages on Facebook to promoting the vote for Jeita, each MEPI student expressed their support his/her own way. But our campaign did not stop there! This time, since the time frame allowed it, we designed flyers, hung posters, charged laptops, opened sites… All set up to engage our school-mates in the vote for Jeita. Our MEPI-TL group had a stand to promote for the vote in both the Beirut and Byblos campuses.

Yes, the stand was only put up for three consecutive days, but those two simple stands have contributed in raising considerably the votes for the Jeita grotto wonder.

Thanks to our collaboration, we had the stand occupied all three days from 10 to 3pm. We shifted between ourselves; some brought their lunches to the stand, some brought their homework, some brought friends, but we all with no exception brought our enthusiasm and smiles to the stand.

The Jeita campaign has brought us together as a group, it has helped us realize one more time what a beautiful, cooperative group of leaders we are! We came together in the hope that our simple contribution to promote Jeita and to promote Lebanon will bring together this beautiful country and help make it better and better.

Written By: Ferdaous Naili