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Graduate Studies Workshop

On Thursday May 9 2013, 20 MEPI-TL students attended a workshop on graduate studies facilitated by our very own student life coordinator and associate professor of political science, Dr. Marwan Rowayheb.

Throughout the workshop, which served as a guide for life after undergraduate studies, Rowayheb introduced the main types of graduate degrees; Research Masters, Taught Masters and Ph.D.’s, explaining the application process for each. Moreover, Rowayheb explained how to look and apply for scholarships both in the Middle East and abroad.

The two-hour session was not only a briefing on applications and scholarships, but was also rich in tips on how to get into the best schools, how to choose referees, how to write a good CV, visa applications and more.

The session ended with a Q&A section, where the students’ questions not only reflected a high level of responsibility and maturity, but also showed how much potential these ambitious young leaders possess.

Written by Leen Aghabi