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Giving back on Christmas

At the end of December 2009, TL students visited two orphanages to celebrate Christmas with the orphans.

Much planning on the part of the students went into the event. First, they launched a clothes and toys collection campaign in the dorms. Next, they went shopping for sweets, and put together small bags of Santa hats full of sweets as presents for the children.

At both the orphanages, TL students did their best to make sure the kids had a great time. They organized an entertainment program for them, so the children were able to enjoy several Christmas activities and games. Ms. Layla Bizri created a little dance and taught it to the children, who showed great interest in the activity. Then the children participated in face-painting and watched a puppet show arranged by Ms. Hala Hassan.

At the end, Mr. Rami Al Masri dressed up as Santa and handed out the candy and presents to the children. The TL students left the orphanages with their hearts filled with joy and the beautiful spirit of giving. They were blessed by the positive feedback they got from the kids and learned that ‘making a difference’ in their community, can happen by simply drawing a smile on a child’s face.