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In addition to pursuing rigorous academic studies on campus and a semester-long study abroad program in the United States, the LAU MEPI-TL students organize and participate in a number of supplemental activities designed to develop them into well-rounded professionals and leaders.

  1. Seminars/Roundtable discussions/Workshops
    Academics, representatives of local and international NGOs, government officials, and business leaders lead students in a variety of programs.
  1. Site visits
    Visits to businesses and public organizations, in addition to non-governmental and community associations give students a broad perspective on leadership and management as well as insight into the career paths available to them.
  1. Mentoring
    The LAU MEPI-TL staff provides both academic and psychological support to students as they transition to life in Lebanon and the university. Selected faculty members also serve as mentors, trainers and supervisors to students throughout the duration of the program. In addition, new participants are paired with senior TL students who serve as mentors, helping newcomers quickly integrate into both the LAU community and the TL program.

The mentors for the academic year 2019-2020 are:

Byblos campus: Fatema Mohamed, Huda El Jeshi, Naser Al Tooblani, Ahmed Chaib, Karim Al Natoor, Danah Al Atari, Siraj Belgasium

Beirut campus: Yasmeen Khayal, Mohamed Mehdi Merbah, Salam Halila, Jehad Oumer, Zyad Al Azazi, Farah Haj Amor, Nabil Chamseddine, Whab Atef.

Alumni services are also offered to TL graduates.

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