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Touch and Feel in Virtual and Augmented Reality


Virtual Reality (VR) technologies are rapidly expanding and are being utilized in countless industries including immersive gaming, education, surgical training, virtual co-working, manufacturing and design. While VR creates a completely simulated virtual environment, Augmented Reality (AR) works by superimposing virtual objects on top of the real world. As realistic as AR/VR technologies are becoming, they still do not provide haptic (touch) or force feedback to the user. The main objective of this project is to develop a ‘glove’ that once worn, provides a degree of realistic force feedback upon interaction with virtual objects in VR/AR. The project entails the following:

  1. Designing a VR/AR platform within which virtual objects can be introduced.
  2. Developing a haptic feedback glove that provides the user with real-time force feedback upon interaction with virtual objects
  3. Making sure both software and hardware are aesthetically pleasing, intuitive and user-friendly
  4. Conducting user-based studies and analysis for an enhanced user experience (UX)

Desired Disciplines

Team Leader

Team Co-leader

Dr. Ali Ammouri

(Potential) Industry Partners