TL College to Work Pipeline (TLP)

Classifying a Personality Based on Social Media Posts

The Five Factor Model, is the most widely accepted model of personality that was advanced later by various researchers.  The model includes extroversion (EXT), neuroticism (NEU), agreeableness (AGR), conscientiousness (CON), and openness (OPN).  Various researchers tackled this problem using various approaches.  In this project, we would like to tackle the problem using a deep learning approach whereby we would feed the system a set of tweets by a person and then extract the various aspects of the author’s traits and personality.  The advantage of this application is that it combines artificial intelligence, psychology, and language in order to classify personalities based on tweets or Facebook posts.

Desired Disciplines

Computer Science or Computer Engineering
Social Sciences or Psychology or English
Marketing or Advertising

Team leader

Dr. Haidar Harmanani
Professor of Computer Science

Industry Partners