TL College to Work Pipeline (TLP)

A Smart doorbell

The smart doorbell detects who is at the door and then triggers a signal to open.  It is similar to the to the Amazon Ring but it includes the following AI features:

  1. Sends a notification with an image of the object at the door;
  2. Uses facial recognition features to enhance safety and security;
  3. Stores identified and unique faces.
  4. Sends notification in case of suspected theft or burglaries.

The project could use either a custom model or may use Deepstack for object detection via a REST API.  The project would run on an NVIDIA Jetson or on a laptop.  The web interface is served by Flask.

Desired Disciplines

Computer Science or Engineering
Electrical Engineering or Mechatronics
Marketing or Advertising

Industry Partners


Team leader

Dr. Haidar Harmanani
Professor of Computer Science

Industry Partners