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LAU TL students visit INDEVCO Group

news-indevco-visit.jpgOn July 24, 2009, LAU TL students visited the offices of international manufacturing firm INDEVCO at its headquarters in Ajaltoun, Lebanon. Established in 1955, INDEVCO Group is comprised of over 50 manufacturing, industrial and commercial enterprises. TL students Marian Hanna, Ahmed Saleh, Aseel Baidoun, Rana Qudairi, Arzak Mohammed and Luqman Yousef represented LAU and the TL program on the visit, during which they met with the company’s CEO, Mr. Tony Frem, as well as other corporate executives, including the HR manager, Mr. Awad Salem, and the corporate office manager, Ms. Rima Farah. HR staff from INDEVCO gave the students a presentation about the firm and later opened the floor for questions. Following the Q&A session, the attendees were invited to have lunch with Mr. Frem. Most significantly, as an outcome of this event, Ahmed Saleh and Marian Hanna participated in a one-month internship at the INDEVCO subsidiary UNIPAK-Nile in Egypt in August 2009.

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