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Sarra Grazza

  • Major: Biology
  • Country/Hometown: Algeria/Ain El Bayda, Oum El Bouaghi
  • Year Joined LAU: 2014
  • Date of birth: April 2, 1995
  • Interests: drawing sports activities, community service, exchanging programs, photographing, travelling, meeting new people.


I dream of becoming a future leader in my community, participating in the development of my country and creating something useful to my people. I seek a higher education that will allow me to obtain a good position. I want to have my own business and to add something new to the business world. I would like to come up with new methods of gaining insight into the various economic challenges plaguing the Arab world, and innovative plans and research to help in a better understanding of the region’s key problems , to help people be better prepared to face adverse situations when setting up a business in any of the Arab  countries. Furthermore, I hope for a world full of peace and our tolerance, with no conflicts and wars. I believe that wherever there is peace, there is development and innovation. Unity is the first step to a better life.


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