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Larissa Kassis

  • Major: Psychology
  • Country: Syria
  • Year Joined LAU: 2015
  • Date of birth: January 2, 1996
  • Interests: Music, sport (swimming), traveling, dancing, drawing, writing. 

When the war started in Syria and I was in Aleppo, things got worse and worse every day. We started living very painful and ugly experiences, and I started to pay more attention to what was happening around me, to how people were living in misery and exhaustion, with hearts filled with hate and anger and fear. I was living these things with them, with the difference that my love for life left some hope in me, which helped me go through this experience. This is how I came to decide that I would like to major in psychology, in order to give the people of my country — whose feelings I identify with because I lived this experience with them — back their love for life. I want for them to be able to carry on with this life with hope, just as I am doing now. I know that I belong here and that I can contribute to much positive change by majoring in psychology.

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