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Emil Kaston

  • Major: Political Science - International Affairs
  • Country/Hometown: Syria/Homs
  • Year Joined LAU: 2015
  • Date of birth: May 29, 1995
  • Interests: Drawing, swimming, geography, a passion for traveling.

I believe that starting each day with an ambition is the main key to success. It inspires us to do our best and to face the hardest circumstances. Personally, I describe myself as an organized and detail-oriented person, and I have realized that putting my ideas and abilities in motion requires me to be strong and confident. I have chosen to study international affairs at the LAU because I trust that it will enable me to be part of the building of a well-organized society. I am planning to work with my fellow students on the processes of setting goals, planning and doing a variety of academic and social activities in an atmosphere that is full of mutual respect. After graduation, I hope to use my education for the common good, aiming to create a flourishing and developed environment.  

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