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Luqman Yousef

  • Major: Business - Accounting
  • Country/Hometown: Yemen/Taiz
  • Graduation date: June 30, 2012
  • Interests: Sports, outdoor activities


I am currently working at a friend’s company. At the the same time, I am looking for a master’s degree scholarship or an official job, either of which, I hope, will pave the way for my future goals. What I loved about the MEPI program is that it was a melting pot for various Arab nationalities, some of which I had never interacted with before. This diversity is beautiful and it taught me a lot. I wish for this program to continue growing, as far as attracting nationalities from all around the world. LAU is a place where I got my education, something which will always stay in my memory. I wish the best for LAU and its crew. To better education and greater achievement.  


Contact Luqman Yousef: luqman_nageeb@hotmail.com


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