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Ghid Amhaz

  • Major: Biology
  • Country/Hometown: Lebanon/Baalbeck
  • Graduation date: June 30, 2012
  • Interests: Medicine, community service, writing


I am continuing medicine at the LAU - School of Medicine. This is my first year as a MED-1 student, and it feels great because I am getting closer and closer toward achieving my goal. I can’t deny that it is hectic and exhausting as well as time consuming, and requires lots of studying, yet I can’t explain how happy I am. It is when the pain becomes a pleasure, when you enjoy being tired cause it’s only helping you to get closer and closer to your dream, when there is a will there will always be a way. In addition, along with a group of students in our class of 2016 in the school of medicine we will be working on a community service project, which we are in the process of planning a rehabilitation dispensary in one of the isolated and poorly taken care of areas in Lebanon, and which hopefully will be implemented in the coming summer.

“Always believe in the beauty of your dreams”.

I can’t express how much the program and its opportunities meant to the people, the students, the staff, and me. Briefly, it had an important role in shaping what I am today. I would love to stay in touch and contribute to further cohorts development, I hope everyone in this program benefited as I did. 

Contact Ghid Amhaz: ghid.amhaz@gmail.com


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