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Faris Halteh

  • Major: Computer Science
  • Country/Hometown: Jordan/Amman
  • Graduation date: June 30, 2013
  • Date of birth: December 31, 1992
  • Interests: Computing, Art and Design, Swimming, Reading

I am currently pursuing an M.S. in Computer Science at Uppsala University, Sweden, and I am expected to graduate in June 2015.

My experience in LAU cannot be summed in a small paragraph, but I can still talk a little bit about everything it taught me. It helped me become the person I am today, that’s a fact that I cannot deny. The Computer Science program helped me to get more acquainted in the field that interested me ever since I was young, the field of computing. It helped me improve my technical, group work, communication, public speaking and social skills as well. In addition, the MEPI program also helped me from various aspects, it was very beneficial to me honestly because it gave me confidence to look at the world from a different perspective. It gave me the ambition to make an impact in this big world, knowing that even if it was a small impact, it still counts. We had a lot of workshops that I truly enjoyed, including public speaking, leadership, entrepreneurship, anger management and stress workshops. The program offered us the opportunity to be more involved in our society, to be more engaged and try to find new ways to make a better world for all of us. I still remember the day when Dr. Walid Touma asked us to write our weaknesses on a paper in the first meeting we had with him. As the years passed by, I realized that this whole experience helped me convert these weaknesses into strengths; to be ambitious and work hard in this life. I owe a lot to the LAU and the MEPI family for nurturing us the past years and helping us become the people we are today, ready to face the world and make an impact wherever we go.

Contact Faris Halteh: faris.halteh@lau.edu

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