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Bariq Mahadin

  • Major: Political Science - International Affairs
  • Country/Hometown: Jordan/Al Karak
  • Graduation date: June 30, 2015
  • Date of birth: February 10, 1993
  • Interests: Writing, reading, and civic engagement. On a less conceptual note, I sing, play tennis and boxing


“Dedication; that’s all it takes.

Growing up in the Southern underprivileged city of Kerak in Jordan, life has been always challenging. Known for having the largest crusader castle in the Levant, Kerak and most of its people seem to remain entrenched to its historical ties, simply due to the unfortunate lack of opportunities.‚Ä®Having been raised near its castle, I have decided to build my own dreams just as tall and as proud. Filled with copious blessings, I am committed to doing my utmost to provide my hometown with such blessings and opportunities. My dream is to return to Jordan one day to provide my compatriots with the same, and even better, opportunities as the ones I have had, simply because they are no less talented, intellectual, or dedicated.”


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