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Arzak Mohammed

  • Major: Business - Marketing
  • Country: Yemen
  • Graduation date: June 30, 2012
  • Interests: Photography, Writing, Marketing, Speech


I am currently working as an Executive Manager at The Yemen Captain and Marine Engineers Association - Aden, Yemen. I am responsible of communicating and following up with other organizations, organizing events and conferences, and managing all marketing and advertising aspects of the association.

During my four years as a MEPI-TL student, I never realized how much this program and the whole experience would change my life. I have always wondered why Dr. Jabbra cares about the MEPI-TL program and why Dr. Touma dedicates so much of his time and effort to the students. Today, I stand proud and strong in my country, understanding the real reason: it is the state that we are in when we return back home. I stand in my country more experienced than people who may be older than me. I talk with more self-confidence than people at higher positions than mine. I plan more accurately than people who have been planning for ages. The MEPI-TL experience was very rich with happy moments and hard ones. It was the best and most difficult experience of my life. If I had the chance to re-live it, I would not. However, I do not regret any piece of it. My deepest thanks to my first and only home in Lebanon: the Lebanese American University. LAU made our activities, events, round tables, and receptions well organized, full of life and fun. My special thanks to Dr. Joseph Jabbra, who made us feel that our events were too important to be missed. 

Contact Arzak Mohammed: arzak.mohammed@gmail.com




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