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Amr Bazgifan

  • Major: Business-Accounting/Banking & Finance
  • Country/Hometown: Yemen/Aden
  • Graduation date: June 30, 2015
  • Date of birth: April 27, 1991
  • Interests: Writing, Philosophy, Competition, Community service, Swimming


I come from a country that is famous for its incomparable hospitality and sense of magnanimousness, a country that used to be famous for exporting one of the best beans of coffee all over the world, that was famous for the best quality honey and incense, and which had first skyscrapers in the world built only from clay. However, that is what my ancestors told me about, which unfortunately I was not lucky enough to experience once I came to existence. I was raised in a country which is now famous for the incredibly high ratio of weapons compared to the neighboring Arabs, a country in which almost every citizen owns a weapon if not two. I sought my share of weapons carefully. My selection falls on two weapons -Education and Commitment. I believe that through education we can fight illiteracy, ignorance, and radicalism, which my country confronts. Commitment is a crucial component of the antidote needed for my beloved country as well. Here in Lebanon I am doing my best to shrug off the dust that covered my skills and talents. I am resuscitating my potentials by widening my perceptions through knowledge so that I make a change in my country once I’m back.


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