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Ahmed Saleh

  • Major: Communication Arts (Radio/TV/Film)
  • Country/Hometown: Egypt/Giza
  • Graduation date: June 30, 2012
  • Interests: Travelling, Computers, Soccer


I am currently an international advisor at Vodafone UK - Cairo, Egypt and I assist customers in the UK with understanding how the Vodafone network works and how to use their smart gadgets. It’s a pretty good job, but for me this is a temporary job until I get what I really want, which is to become a professional director.

It’s safe to say that the four years I spent at LAU were the best years of my life. Academically, I had the chance to study at one of the best universities in the Middle East and get a high-class education that millions of youths in the Middle East wish to have. Socially, I made amazing friends who are meant to be friends forever, since we still ask about each other all the time and are waiting for the day we will be reunited again. I’m so glad that I got to meet all kinds of people from different cultures and societies, which made me more open to the world and increased my general knowledge. I personally owe a lot to LAU and MEPI and want to thank them for believing in me, and I promise I’ll work on proving that I deserved their trust.  


Contact Ahmed Saleh: a.mohey.saleh@gmail.com





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